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RoboSense LiDAR, the leading Smart LiDAR Sensor provider and GAC Aion New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (“GAC Aion”) set up by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd (GAC Group,6601238.SH,02238.HK), a Fortune 500 company and one of the automobile groups with the complete industry chain in China, jointly announced that GAC has selected RoboSense's second-generation intelligent solid-state LiDAR equipped with the ADiGO autonomous driving system, and will be mass-produced on a variety of autonomous driving models including the Aion LX of GAC Aion.

ADiGO is an intelligent driving ecosystem led by GAC. This independently developed and interconnected ecosystem integrates a smart factory, autopilot system, and IoT. Powered by big data and various AI technologies, the self-driving system is available for mass production in L3 and can support L4 pilots running in some closed scenarios. The current ADiGO system on the Aion LX and Aion V uses a triple perception system (camera, millimeter-wave radar, high-precision map) to achieve L3 autonomous driving in highway and urban expressway scenes.

The characteristics of Robosense's second-generation LiDAR active high-precision three-dimensional perception allow the ADiGO system to obtain more reliable perception information and ensure driving safety. The second-generation intelligent solid-state LiDAR helps the ADiGO system achieve a leap from safety to comfort in the driving experience under various road conditions. It adopts a revolutionary two-dimensional MEMS smart chip scanning architecture. It has a unique intelligent "GAZE" function, which can adjust the scanning method according to the driving scene, improve the perception of LiDAR, and help improve the performance and experience of autonomous driving. While achieving hardware intelligence verification, the RS-LiDAR-Algorithm, the core of software intelligence, has more than 13-years of technology research and development accumulation. During the 5-year commercialization of LiDAR products, it has been verified by more than 100 partners in multiple scenarios around the world. Internally integrated AI perception algorithm, synchronously output 3D point cloud data and target-level environment perception results.

In high-speed scenes, intelligent "GAZE" dynamically increases the vertical resolution of the ROI area, allowing the ADiGO system to find distant obstacles earlier, and enhance the autonomous driving experience on highways and urban expressways. In urban scenes, intelligent "GAZE" dynamically improves refresh the frame rate and helps the ADiGO system respond more quickly to the dynamic changes of surrounding vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles.

Due to technological innovation, the second-generation intelligent LiDAR can effectively control hardware costs, allowing more consumers to obtain a safer and more comfortable autonomous driving experience. In the future, RoboSense will continue to promote technological innovation. Through the sustainable upgrade of intelligent LiDAR product system solution, it will work with partners to promote the intelligent car ecosystem.

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RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world-leading Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems provider. It incorporates LiDAR sensors, AI algorithms, and IC chipsets that transform conventional 3D LiDAR sensors into complete data analysis and comprehension systems. The company's mission is to produce outstanding hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities to provide intelligent solutions that enable robots (including vehicles) to have perception capability superior to humans.

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Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. ("GAC") was incorporated in June 1997. In 2020, GAC's production and sales exceeded 2 million, with positive year-on-year growth. GAC Group successfully pushed ahead with its international business based on export planning, and GAC MOTOR was born at the right time.