LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- RoboSense LiDAR exhibited its leading portfolio of smart LiDAR sensor solutions today at CES 2022(West Hall, Booth #6861). Its star solution RS-LiDAR-M1 (M1) took the spotlight as the world's first mass-produced automotive grade MEMS solid-state LiDAR, while Ruby Plus, which is a new 128-beam mechanical LiDAR made its international debut.

Introducing Robosense LiDAR M1 Gaze function to customers

M1 maintained its popularity at this year's CES, building on its recognition as the winner of the CES 2019 and 2020 Innovation Awards. In August 2021, M1 completed its first mass production and delivery in a designated project with a vehicle manufacturer. Since the manufacturer's start of production (SOP) in June 2021, more than 10 deliveries have been completed, making M1 the first and only mass-produced automotive grade MEMS solid-state LiDAR in the world. RoboSense has also been nominated by several OEMs as LiDAR Tier1 supplier, including BYD, GAC, WM Motor, Geely's subsidiary Zeekr, Lotus Cars, and Inceptio Technology.

RoboSense has also made the world premiere of its 128-beam mechanical LiDAR called Ruby Plus to the public at CES. After advancements in performance and design, The diameter has also been reduced from 166 mm to 125 mm, and the height has been reduced from 148.5 mm to 125 mm. Ruby Plus not only has a longer detection range and higher detection accuracy, but has also reduced its overall weight and volume by more than 50% and power consumption by 40%,reduced from 45W to 27W, technical achievements that have drawn great interest from CES attendees.

RoboSense also showcased RS-Helios-5515 at CES stand, a new 32-beam LiDAR customized for Alibaba's logistics robot Xiaomanlv, marking its debut at an international exhibition outside China. With an all-new technical structure, the new generation Helios LiDAR boasts a customized field of view (FoV) and achieves both long-range perception and near-field blind spot elimination, features that traditional mechanical LiDARs have yet to achieve. Its design arranges lasers more densely in the center of its FoV, further enhancing perception and blind spot reduction.

As RoboSense's sixth year exhibiting at CES, the company was privileged to welcome attendees to the stand, where its growing portfolio of smart LiDAR solutions received positive responses. CES remains an important platform for RoboSense to reach global audiences, expand influence and connect with partners. With a market-oriented strategy, RoboSense provides customers with various Smart LiDAR perception system solutions. To date, RoboSense LiDAR systems have been widely applied to future mobility solutions, including autonomous driving passenger cars, commercial vehicles, automated logistics vehicles, robots, and Robotaxi, Robotruck, Robobus, as well as new smart transportation infrastructures.

In the future, RoboSense will continue to advance its portfolio to provide clients with smart LiDAR solutions. Together with its partners, RoboSense aims to evolve the smart drive experience and accelerate the transformation of smart mobility.

Leo Wang
Sales Manager  Advantabuy LLC