RS-V2X Vehicle-to-Road Synergistic Perception System
Intelligent Traffic Systems are already in use today and are the future of transportation as a whole. With intelligent systems, traffic flow and every other aspect of transportation will be streamlined and optimized, saving everyone time, energy, and fuel costs. They will also help reduce pollution by keeping vehicles moving. They will also help enforce laws and regulations by tracking the license plates of cars in violation.
Regarding pedestrian privacy, using LiDAR maintains privacy as it does not recognize faces, only human forms. This allows LiDAR-based ITS Systems to be implemented anywhere without violating anyone's privacy.
RADAR and Cameras require several sensors and complex algorithms to guess what and where an object is, whereas LiDAR gives a definite point cloud shape and location. Additionally, LiDAR is the only technology that can sufficiently detect and track traffic conditions in the range and complexity parameters required- and all that can be perceived by one sensor if required. LiDAR also functions superior to cameras in inclement weather as its high-intensity beams can penetrate through fog and rain better than a 2D camera. This allows for the all-weather operation of ITS Systems. Of course, RADAR and cameras are still necessary to fully capture all aspects of traffic conditions as all have their unique advantages and work better together. Therefore, a combination of sensors, with LiDAR as the primary sensor, will be used for ITS systems.
Here is an conceptual illustration of Robosense's ITS Solution, RS-V2X in Action:
Click below to see the video of  RS-V2X Real-time Road Test!
  • RoboSense RS-V2X combines hard-core technologies in excellent LIDAR sensor hardware and Al point cloud Perception Software to provide the autonomous vehicles with "eyes from the sky"  to break the limits of conventional environment perception systems of autonomous driving, facilitating the rapid development of new infrastructure for Intelligent transportation and ensuring the safety of Autonomous Driving.

    Rich and flexible functions
    • Multi base-station & multi LIDAR fusion

      The RS-V2X solution provides the target-level fusion function of the LiDAR sensing results based on a multi-base station, and realizes the precise spatial-temporal synchronization of the LiDAR point cloud of the multi-base station, so that all base stations are integrated into a spatial-temporal synchronized whole.

    • Electronic Fence

      Through RS-V2X, users can set dynamic electronic fences of any shape according to traffic scenarios and functional requirements, and define independent functions for each fence, such as specific target filtering, customized communications, etc.

    • Traffic participants Flow Statistics

      RoboSense's accurate and reliable AI Perception Software allows more than ten traffic scene functions including traffic flow statistics, vehicle speed detection, retrograde detection, pedestrians red-light running, etc.

    • LiDAR And Camera Fusion

      Based on the RoboSense fusion technology of LiDAR and camera, the RS-V2X provides the bottom layer data fusion function of LiDAR and camera to obtain real-time synchronized true color point cloud data (x, y, z, r, g, b)

Pictured here is a V2X installation using RS-32 and RS-BPearl LiDARs in Xiong'an, Hebei.

V2R implemented in Shenzhen, Guangdong