5 M-1 LiDARs in QCraft RoboTaxi

Picture credit: QCraft, Robosense

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The QCraft DBQ V4 RoboTaxi utilizes 5 of our mass-production automotive-grade Robosense RS-LiDAR-M1s. They are mounted along a full 360-degree radius, overlapping for perception redundancy in diverse environmental and light conditions. The mass-production of this system allows for 99% of Level 4 self-driving capability at only 10% of the typical cost; RMB10,000 ($1,483).

Innovations like these continue to push us toward a safer future on the road. Mitigating human error in driving will save millions of lives each year as cars reach higher levels of autonomy. Road fatigue will become a thing of the past when the cars and taxis drive themselves. A passenger in an autonomous vehicle could use their commute time to start their workday before getting into the office. People living with disabilities will be enabled to be independent using accessible private transportation.

We look forward with great anticipation to the future of Autonomous Vehicles.