RS-LiDAR-E1: The First Automotive-Grade pure Solid-State Flash LiDAR

RoboSense has proudly unveiled their long-anticipated low-cost blind spot flash LiDAR: the RS-LiDAR-E1. 

     The RS-LiDAR-E1 leads the industry forward in line with RoboSense's Slogan: Smart Sensor, Safer World. It is the first mass-produced true Solid-State LiDAR--and it will be affordable! This is a giant step for LiDAR kind.

     Previous "solid-state" LiDAR across the industry have truthfully been MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems), specifically, a tiny mirror that reflects the LASER in a scanning pattern at mind-bending speeds. While this system satisfies the same use case requirements of a true-solid state LiDAR (Durability, Shock and Vibration, Service Life), it costs more to manufacture. In contrast, solid-state devices cost more to develop and are significantly cheaper to manufacture.

The RS-LiDAR-E1 has a smaller profile than an iPhone.

Horizontal FoV: 120°

Used in the forward looking RS-LiDAR-M series products to achieve panoramic perception and eliminate blind areas in all scenarios.

Vertical FoV: 90°

Ideally balance ground blind area reduction and lateral wide-range perception* to eliminate all blind areas.


Ultra-high refresh rate: ≥25Hz
Navigate smoothly through harsh operating conditions of blind area reduction scenarios, and provide sufficiently safe perception results by integrating with other sensors.


Stronger range detection capability: 30m @10%
The maximum detection range is more than 50m, which can effectively detect high-speed vehicles coming from either side and the rear, and provide sufficient response time.