Members of Advantabuy, RoboSense MI, and CalmCar pose for a group photo.
The team talking to customers at our booth
     Advantabuy, RoboSense Michigan, and CalmCar convened at our team booth at the Automotive Testing Expo 2022 in Novi, MI. Advantabuy LLC has been RoboSense's Distributor to the Americas for over three years. RoboSense proudly established their new office in Plymouth, MI, on October 20, 2022, to better assist OEMs and Tier 1s in implementing RoboSense LiDAR and solutions into their designs. CalmCar Vision Systems enables intelligent camera-based perception systems with deep learning to provide complex road data and localization in partnership with RoboSense. We stood excited to have the coalition together to enrich our teamwork and impress automotive industry representatives and entrepreneurs with our solutions.
RS-Reference displayed on the booth table
     The RS-Reference Ground-Truth System fills, if not overfills, a tangible void. A prerequisite for ADAS and AV systems developers is creating their own ground-truth system to test their onboard sensors. To build a ground-truth system, you must mount, calibrate, and synchronize several sensors and then process their outputs in combination to provide the data you need to compare against your onboard sensors' (SUT) outputs. This is massively expensive and postpones the development of the vehicle.
The RS-Reference provides all these functions in a single package that conveniently mounts to an automobile roof rack, requiring no vehicle modification.


     RoboSense combines high-performance LiDAR, Cameras, mm-wave RADAR, ultrasonic, GPS, and inertial RTK sensor systems with mature AI Perception Software to provide a set of accurate, efficient, complete, and customizable sensing performance evaluation toolchains. The system solves the problems of high-cost, low-efficiency, and error-prone manual calibration, lack of evaluation tools, and immature toolchains, significantly improving the efficiency of project development and accelerating the mass production process of AD and ADAS applications.


  • High-performance and mature sensor system
  • Systematic, integrated installation process design, no more car modification
  • Comprehensive system toolchain
  • Over 10 years' research and development experience in point cloud Perception Software technology