Ruby Plus - RPV80 and RPV48 Downward-Looking V2X LiDAR

Ruby Plus, the ultimate road LiDAR is specifically designed for V2X, smart transportation, smart security, smart parking and other road/infrastructure based scenarios. The LiDAR channels extend downwards to overlook the roads, each channel fully detecting the traffic conditions. Compared with its previous generation RS-Ruby-Lite V2R, RS-Ruby-80V has reduced both volume and weight each by 50%,  and improved the detection range for 10% reflectivity by 12.5%.

The Ruby Plus - RPV80 has excellent stability and reliability. It can operate for extended life in low temperature environments of -40 degrees Celcius, and it resists interference of other LiDAR and ambient light of all kinds.

The Ruby Plus - RPV48 has the same downward view as the 80V, with only 48 Beams for lower cost and higher efficiency by producing less data to process.

Range Comparsion:

Ruby Plus - RPV80: 90m Pedestrian detection, 130m vehicle detection, 180m@ 10% NIST.

Ruby Plus - RPV48: 70m Pedestrian detection, 90m vehicle detection, 150m@ 10% NIST.

Output Comparison:

Ruby Plus - RPV80: 1.440,000 pts/s (Single-Return Mode), 2,880,000 pts/s (Dual-Return Mode).

Ruby Plus - RPV48: 864,000 pts/s (Single-Return Mode), 1,728,000 pts/s (Dual-Return Mode).

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    Ruby Plus - RPV80 and RPV48 Downward-Looking V2X LiDAR