LiDAR-Perception Software


    The LiDAR-Perception is an AI Perception Software based on 3D LiDAR point cloud, specially developed for autonomous-driving environment perception.

    It has accumulated over 10 years of research and development of point cloud Perception Software technology and has been jointly verified by many global partners in multiple driving scenarios


    • Obstacle Detection
    • Obstacle Classification and Recognition
    • Dynamic Obstacle Tracking
    • Free Space Detection
    • Multi-LiDAR Point Cloud Fusion
    • UDP Support (Socket Communication)

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    Software Solutions

    Cube 2.0 Perception Computer

    Cube Perception Software Box Plug-and-Play Cube 2.0 with built-in LiDAR Perception Software, which can quickly activate with just a push of a button instead of a complicated configuration.


    RoboTaxi Perception (Highway Speed) 

    P5 (Mechanical) and P6 (Solid-State)

    Best-in-class LiDAR Fusion and Perception Solution for L4 & L5 Autonomous Driving. All-Dimensional Perception Area with Zero Blind Spots.


    Medium-and-Low-Speed Perception

    Mature and Reliable LiDAR Perception Solution for Medium and Low-Speed Autonomous Driving. Single 16-Beam LiDAR with Plug-and-Play Software Computer.

    Vehicle-to-Road (V2X) Synergistic Perception

    Birdseye view of the overall road conditions. Adds a new dimension to the perception of autonomous driving and smart transportation systems. Developed for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Smart City.

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      LiDAR-Perception Software