STONKAM 1080P Intelligent Pedestrian Detection & BSD Camera


Adapting deep learning technology, STONKAM 1080P Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera can detect pedestrians within 3m×6m in front of vehicles. Working with STONKAM HD monitor, it can also provide real-time visual and audio alarm to remind drivers of potential risks and hitting pedestrians. Moreover, the camera has wide horizontal viewing angle of 170°, so when it is installed on the side ahead, it can help drivers have a better view, avoiding accidents caused by blind spots. Thus, this camera is an essential driving assistant device for large-size vehicles like trucks, buses, construction machines, etc.

  • Pedestrian detecting and warning function, recognizing bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, etc
  • Pedestrian detection range: 3m x 6m
  • Camera should be installed downward with suggested mounting height of 2.5m-3.5m for the best detection result.
  • 170° horizontal viewing angle
  • 1080P video output (with pedestrian alarming frame)
  • Audio alarm output to monitors or other devices with speaker
  • USB2.0 port connects with external WIFI module to do configuration by web UI on mobile phone or connects with USB flash drive to do automatic upgrading
  • Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP69K, anti-vibration rating: ISO 16750-3(5.9G)



Supply Voltage
Maximum Consumption
Video Output
1CH, AHD(1920X1080)
Video Format
1920x1080/25f or 1920x1080/30f
Audio Output
Warning sound signal output
8Pin mouse male connector, 4Pin aviation female connector (power, video, audio) on transition cable, USB2.0 female connector, I/O wire for alarm output
Working Temperature
-20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature
-40 ~ +85
103.5 x 53 x66.5(mm)
Housing Color


Why do we need to install STONKAM 1080P Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera?

Are you still bothered by these issues?
How can large vehicle drivers avoid blind spots when making a turn or change lane?
How can drivers aware of sudden pedestrians or cyclists?
How can drivers receive automatic warnings of risks during driving?

STONKAM 1080P Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera is developed to solve blind spots problem for large vehicle drivers. Commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, etc. have large black zone, for which traffic accidents might happen if vehicles come across motorcycles at high speed or sudden pedestrians when changing lane or making a turn. However, STONKAM’s new product——Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera can solve this problem to a large extent. The camera installed on vehicles can detect all kinds of pedestrians rapidly, enlarging drivers’ field of view and it can send alarming to drivers automatically at real time. In addition, the camera has high detection accuracy, so drivers can have more reaction time, which reduces the risks of traffic accidents.

AI algorithm
STONKAM HD Intelligent Pedestrian Detection System adopts deep learning technology, contributing to the realization of intelligent and accurate pedestrian detection to assist drivers in driving safety.

Looking downward, detecting and warning, all-round monitoring
STONKAM HD Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera is installed downward, and the suggested installation height is 2.5m-3.5m for the best detection result. The camera has 170° horizontal viewing angle, can detect bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians within 3m×6m in vehicles’ black zones and can provide automatic alarming information to drivers (1080P video output, pedestrian alarming frame), reducing the risks of traffic accidents.

IP69K waterproof, weatherproof and durable

Product Video


STONKAM® 1080P HD Intelligent Pedestrian Detection System is applicable to various vehicles, such as buses, coaches, trucks, and other large-size vehicles.



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    STONKAM 1080P Intelligent Pedestrian Detection & BSD Camera