Ruby Lite 80-Beam LiDAR

Ruby Lite is an 80 laser-beam LIDAR specially designed for medium-and-high-speed autonomous driving applications, whose performance is close to the 128 laser-beam LIDAR Ruby. With the vertical angular resolution of 0.1° and the ranging capability of 160m@10%, it perfectly fulfills environment sensing requirements of self-driving passenger cars, driverless mining cars, driverless trucks, V21, etc.

Ruby Lite also inherits the strong stability and reliability of RS-Ruby. It not only meets the requirement of working under low temperature (-30°C) but also achieves a breakthrough In all-weather anti-interference against conditions of multiple-LIDAR jamming and various ambient lights.

Spec Name Spec Value
Vendor RoboSense
Laser beam 80beam
Wavelength 905nm
Laser safety class1
Accuracy (typical) Up to ±3cm
Range 230m (160m@10% NIST)
Blind spot ≤1.0m
Points Per Second 1,440,000pts/s (single return) , 2,880,000pts/s (dual return)
FOV (vertical) 40°
Angular resolution (vertical) Up to 0.1°
FOV (horizontal) 360º
Angular resolution (horizontal) 0.2°/0.4°
Rotation speed 600/1200rpm
Frame rate 5/10/20Hz
Interface 1000Mbps Ethernet
Protection level IP67
Output UDP packets over Ethernet
Working voltage 19V-32V
Power consumption 38W
Operating temperature -30℃ to 60°C
Storage temperature -40℃ to 85°C
Dimension φ166mm * H148.5 mm
Weight (without cabling) ~3.75 kg


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    Ruby Lite 80-Beam LiDAR